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New revenue streams for News Publishers

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Play or Pay, that’s your choice

Online Newspapers can start monetizing their content in minutes. The Smart Wall is unique, unmatched and “Plug-and-Play”, it provides News Publishers with additional revenue from advertising, or payment for articles.

See how the Smart Wall works

Take a tour and live the experience below where we’ve placed the Smart Wall within an Editorial environment. If your mobile operator is not on the list and you still want to test a payment, just choose the "Fake Billing » button and it will work anyway.

The Smart Wall gives the readers the power to choose

Seamlessly integrated in the News Publishers websites, the Smart Wall gives the readers the power to choose. Once X % of an article has been read, the user must choose between playing a video Ad or paying a small fee to continue reading the article. The expression « Time is Money » has never been so true. SwissPay actually proposes a trade-off between the time users are willing to give to Advertising and the payment they are ready to make. But if they decide to make a payment, they want it as quick as possible, and frictionless.

The highest eCPM for the Smartest Native Video Advertising solution

If the reader chooses to watch the video Ad, he will be rewarded with free access to the content without the trouble to fill out a subscription form. And as a consequence of choosing to watch the video, he will be wilfully engaged towards the advertised brand. For all these reasons, the advertising proposition is valuable and provides News Publishers with revenues that are worth the premium content.

Frictionless “Pay-per-article” solution

If the reader chooses to pay, he can do it in 1 click, or 2 clicks on Desktop. SwissPay relies on Carrier Billing technology and the company is connected to more than 60 mobile operators worldwide, including Swisscom in Switzerland. The advantages of this means of payment are quite clear: the only thing users need is a mobile phone number. They don’t need to sign up anywhere, they don’t need to download a mobile App, they don’t need a credit card and they don’t even need a bank account.

Additional revenues for News Publishers

SwissPay provides News Publishers with additional new premium advertising inventory as well as additional revenues from occasional readers who might not be willing to pay a full subscription. It is likely to convert some of the single article readers into subscribers.

The Smart Wall: a massive opportunity for News Publishers

The solution is “Plug-and-Play and fits perfectly into the News Publishers websites, as it is fully integrated in text articles. It provides a great user experience and rely on an advanced monetization technology. Furthermore, it detects Ad-blockers and give a way to monetize users with Ad-blockers, as they must pay to access the content.

Marc Lamarche