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Reaching an audience wilfully engaged

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Play or Pay, that’s your choice

The Smart Wall reinvents the way to consume digital content and gives Advertisers the opportunity to reward readers and get their full attention.

See how the Smart Wall works

Take a tour and live the experience below where we’ve placed the Smart Wall within an Editorial environment. If your mobile operator is not on the list and you still want to test a payment, just choose the "Fake Billing » button and it will work anyway.

How does it work?

Nicely integrated at the heart of the editorial content, the Smart Wall gives the readers the power to choose. Once X % of an article has been read, the user must choose between playing a video Ad or paying a small fee to continue reading the article. The expression « Time is Money » has never been so true. SwissPay actually proposes a trade-off between the time users are willing to give to Advertising and the payment they are ready to make.

Attracts full attention from rewarded readers

The Smart Wall allows Advertisers to natively display their Video Ad at the heart of the editorial content and to reward readers with the content. Once the article has been read completely, the Sponsor Reminder reminds readers that the content was offered by the Advertiser and it gives the possibility to further engage users and drive traffic to the Advertiser’s website.

Push Video Ads VS Rewarded Native Video Ads

The main difference between SwissPay’s “Rewarded Native Video ads” and the usual “Push video ads” is substantial: while “Push videos” are “In-Stream/Pre-roll” and force users to watch them, “Rewarded videos” are “Click-to-Play”, inserted in the content and they are “Out-Stream” and it is not mandatory to watch them.

High visibility, simple pricing

The Smart Wall gives a great visibility to the Advertiser thanks to its “Background Teaser” which displays the brand for the user just before he makes his choice between payment or Ad watching. The Background teaser is Free Space for the Advertiser. The cost model is CPCV (Cost per completed view): Advertisers only pay for the video ads which have been viewed completely.

Marc Lamarche